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What is Hypnosis?

The term "hypnosis" comes from the Greek word hypnos, meaning "sleep." Hypnosis is a process that helps people develop an altered state of consciousness, also known as a trance. Hypnosis can create desired changes in behavior and be used in the process of creating new beliefs. Once "hypnotized" or in a state of trance it becomes possible to become deeply focused an idea image, or feeling that one wants to experience.

How Hypnosis Works

Each time something happens to us, we remember it by creating a "memory" of the event. The event could include the physical circumstances related to the event, but it can also include the decisions and conclusions you made during that event. We use this information in the future any time a similar event happens to decide what to do next. Most of the time this happens unconsciously. Hypnosis can teach your mind how to re-program any response to any event that is not consistent with what you want to experience. Hypnosis can be used to reframe a problem, create new beliefs, and re-program specific patterns of thoughts, feelings, and expectations.

Benefits of Self-Hypnosis

Self-hypnosis is a concentrated form of self-talk. Self-hypnosis is a wonderful tool to condition your quality of thoughts, because, unlike your normal self-talk, self-hypnosis works with the subconscious mind to program how you think, what you feel, what you believe and what you expect; which ultimately determines what you do and what you become.

The Importance of Self Talk

The quality of your self-talk determines the quality of your thoughts, feelings, beliefs and expectations, which, in turn, determine what you do or what you don't do. It all comes down to the quality of your self-talk.

How Hypnosis Helps

Hypnosis is one of the greatest tools anyone can use to program their mind to respond to the events that unfold in your life to be more consistent with your intentions! Most of us have good intentions, but because we aren't always aware of our thoughts and the impact our thoughts have on our intentions, we don't always respond to live with the kind of response that matches our intentions. Hypnosis can help! You can also use hypnosis to relax your mind and develop greater clarity, which can help anyone become calmer and more productive!

Hypnolinguistics™ vs. Hypnosis

Traditional hypnosis and hypnotherapy typically is a process you go through with a trained hypnotist, who uses traditional hypnosis approaches, like counting down from 10 to 1 to help you relax, then guiding you into an even deeper trance before beginning the process of working on your goals. Unfortunately, this process does not work for everyone. Some people just can't be hypnotized. Others just don't have the time to meet with a hypnotist. All of us, however, can benefit from experiencing hypnotic language if it's presented in the right format.

The Hypnolinguistics® Course has blended the recent developments in neuroscience, cognitive linguistics, psycholinguistics, psychology, and hypnosis into a clean course that teaches how words impact our consciousness.   Hypnolinguistics® can show you how the right use of words can make speeches more persuasive, coaching sessions more productive, and conversations more engaging!  But perhaps the greatest gift this course offers participants is the simplicity in understanding how to program your thoughts, your mood, your beliefs, and your expectations to reflect the dream of who you could become.  Now it's possible!



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